The Celes Story

Started in the small town of Santa Paula, California. “Celes” was always encouraged to make things, be active and to work with what he was given. Growing up he was surrounded by a variety of art, music, fashion, film, sports and people. This range of cultures led him to create something that combined everything he was interested in.

Intrigued by the art of screen printing he believed he found what he was looking for. “Celes” slowly began learning from a local printer and set up shop in his mom’s small garage. The pieces slowly began to come together, and he decided to name his new venture, Celes.   

What started as a hobby in screen printing basics slowly turned into a humble t-shirt company that sold tees at school, soccer practice - anywhere “Celes” went the shirts came along.

Failure came daily, but progress was constant. The education and experience that followed ingrained the belief that Celes holds to this day - the world is what you make it - design, photography, print and so much more are the tools Celes uses to make this happen.

This is what Celes is all about. Always learning, always creating and always inspiring people to follow their dreams while expressing themselves in the process.