Skate World: Italy

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Besides the Milano Centrale train station and Giorgio Zattonni, there probably is not much the general skate public knows about Italian skateboarding. We first arrived in Rome and were promptly taken to their new skate park located across the street from Cinecitta Studios, just about every skater in Rome was there because who can resist a fresh concrete park. We had a chance to talk with Ale Martoriati and Alessandro Gargiulo about being a skater and sticking with it in football crazed Rome. On the way up to Milan we stopped in Savarna to meet up with Giorgio Zattonni, Italys first international pro, to talk a little bit about his personal history. Milan was the next destination, and we got a chance to skate with Max Bonassi, the recognized father of Italian skateboarding. Along with his long time friend, and important skater in his own right, Claudio Bernardini they run Bastard Clothing. The building that Bastard is housed in is old movie theatre outfitted with one of the most beautiful wooden bowls that hangs over the whole office. These might not be the most well know people in global skateboard history, but they certainly are some of the most die hard.

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