Revok Moves Away From Graffiti - (Should Graffiti Artists Do Other Artforms?)

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Revok Is a graffiti artist who many consider a legend and today we are going to look at his transition from graffiti artists to fine artist. He speaks about his past in graffiti and explains how tiresome he grew of it all and how he just wanted a new way to express himself through something other than graffiti. I personally support and congratulate his venture into other artforms and I think its a great idea for him, especially since it seems to be going very well for him too. With that said I dont kow that many graffiti artists are open to that idea of trying other artforms themselves. oftentimes in graffiti other artforms especially fine art, is seen as a horrible thing and they detest the other artforms. I think this is extremely limiting and harmful to graffiti artists and I feel all of graffiti can certainly benefit from learning a thing or two from other artforms.

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