MY LEGACY WILL BE GREAT | Cristiano Ronaldo interview and epic quickfire questions

Posted by Saif Cole on

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 interview and funny quickfire questions about Ronaldo’s physique, dribbling skills, World Cup 2018 and Ronaldo’s legacy. In this video we interview Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal superstar footballer) about his incredible professional football career - and at the end of the interview, CR7 answers some funny quickfire questions. In the interview CR7 talks to Joltter about how he started his fitness and physique training as a young boy and later on in the interview admits his style of play has changed over the years from being a flashy, step over winger with lots of amazing football skills to nowadays being a more efficient, pure #9-style striker. He also talks about Portugal’s chances in World Cup 2018 and says that Portugal will go to the tournament to enjoy and compete. Finally, Ronaldo talks about his legacy and thinks that in the future, people will remember him as a ”killer player”.

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