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Today we check out and talk about if being in a crew is worth it nowadays in graffiti. I believe in graffiti you only really have 1 good reason to be in a crew and all other reasons kinds fall short and don't really outweigh the negatives. Being in a crew can often times give you more risk than any reward you get. Being in a crew is thought to give you respect in graffiti, however, respect is always determined by your own individual actions. Its thought to give you protection, but once again just like respect, this is not exclusive to crews. Really the only reason to get into a crew is to just put a name on a really good group of friends. Crews dont have to be only limited to a close group of friends, there is certainly a place for those Get Up Crews but those come with a risk for sure. I dont over all see the point of being in any crew so i personally avoid crews but its really a personal choice to make.

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