The Sneakerhead Collective

Posted by Juan Mendoza on

This documentary is about sneaker heads based in Melbourne. While sneaker heads are always on their toes and up to date on scouting for the next luxury sneaker they can add to their collection. All over the world, not just in Melbourne, we can see that there is a ready luxury market for men who have come to fetishize sneakers the way women lust for handbags and clothes. We are now able to witness a confluence of high and low, accessible and exclusive styles all around the world. We see sneakerheads queuing up overnight just for the release of a new shoe at Footlocker, Sneakerboy etc. , participating in Sneaker conventions and reselling of these shoes for a higher price.

Is it true that the all round interest and acceptance of these sneakers represent an increasing culture shift in the fashion industry? Are these sneakers enfranchising men into the fashion system without posing a threat to their individuality? What about design and functionality? What is it about these sneakers that make people long and spend hundreds and thousands on them?

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