Nike SB: 14 Things You Didn't Know About Nike SB Shoes (2020)

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Back in the 80's, the Blazer and Dunk were quickly adopted by skaters, due to sturdy construction, and a flat sole. 3 times Nike tried breaking into the skateboard market, originally with the Choad... And Bam Margera. After Savier went under, Nike looked for another way to crack the skateboarding market. Cue Sandy Bodecker, and the creation of Nike SB. Sandy spent time with skateboarders, learning about the culture, and what was important to skaters. Reissuing limited releases of the SB line, redesigned with skateboarding in mind, with the classic Nike silouhuette. The shoes were a hit, so much so, that they've become sought after by not just skaters, but also sneakerheads, basketball players, rappers, and... your mom. Shoes like the pigeon dunks have even caused riots in New York City on their release; let alone other collabs like the supreme dunks, diamond dunks. Apprehensive to release the Stephan Janoski pro shoe at first, Nike now considers Janoski's shoe to be in the top 100 best selling shoes for their brand.

Nike SB has let out some seriously coveted shoes over the years including the Nike SB Travis Scott Dunks, Diamond Dunks, Charity Dunks, Freddy Dunks, Heineken Dunks, Canary Dunks, De La Soul Dunks, and many more. Now, with a stacked team of skaters like Nyjah Huston, P-Rod, Shane O'neill, luan Oliviera, Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Brian Anderson, Stephan Janoski, and others, it's safe to say that Nike SB has forever left an important impact on skateboarding and the culture we share.

This video is committed to Sandy Bodecker.


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