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Nothing is lower than a scab, except a salad - this according to Scab Salad - our most recent interview. With imagery that leaves you stunned and bewildered. However, they are just stickers so pay no mind ...


Saif: (previous conversation) No worries - we have to stay busy and keep grinding. How about we start by talking about what scab salad is about?

Scab: Scab is like the lowest of the lows and salad is the good ole salad days. I also been into skating for a while so scabs kind of go hand in hand

Saif: Salad days? Awesome - you pretty good skater?

Scab: But ya know I'm getting somewhere. Always having fun

Saif: That's dope mang! Good stuff. Did skateboarding have a lot to do with your way into making stickers etc.?

Scab: Oh, tons and tons, I used to be a real yuppy bible thumping kind of guy until I started skating and hanging with the wrong crowd. They turned out to be the right crowd for me though, I'd still be going to Sunday service probably.

Saif: Haha same here. Got to change it up and hang with the proper crowd! plus skateboarding is a great workout. What are you working on at the moment?

Scab: Good for the mind and the body! It really introduced me to some awesome communities and people. Right now, I'm moving into a new place so I'm rarely able to work on anything at the moment. But honestly, I never really have anything planned, I just sit down and brainstorm on the spot. I'm working on getting my clothing out there more…

Saif: Oh, nice so you have a brand based on scab salad as well? Have you printed items already?

Scab: Hell yeah! It's kind of going somewhere.

Saif: That’s dope! Good stuff. Are you playing around with screen printing or ...?

Scab: I dabbled in a few screens but I’ve had a website print them for me!

Saif: Awesome. You mentioned that you usually brainstorm and create on the spot - are there times where you do have something you want to say or portray?

Scab: Most definitely it's usually inspired from past conversation with cool people, I feel like sometimes the message I'm trying to send is totally over looked, or I’m just not making it obvious enough lol

Saif: True that does happen. Do you have an example or two?

Saif: Forced peace and pay no mind - what are you trying getting across?

Scab: In all honesty I can't think of any underlying meaning behind them two pieces, there pretty straight forward.

Saif: True. Both are straight forward and to the point. You think the people who don't "get it" are "asleep”?

Scab: If they don't get it, they are not my people lol. Luckily most people in the game think alike. Definitely lots of sleepers.

Saif: There are a lot of sleepers, Unfortunately - actually reminds of the show The Walking Dead - Lastly, in addition to your clothing - what is next for scab salad? where or what do you want to be or do in the near future?

Scab: I fuckin love that show! Haven't watched the last couple seasons though. I'm really in it for the name, I want to have affordable, rad shit that people can get behind.

Saif: Yea great show. I've always thought it was a great metaphor to the world we live in right now, that is a whole different conversation though. One last thing, is there information you want to pass on to the readers? links or thoughts?

Scab: Go green!

Saif: Thank you for taking part in the interview! it is greatly appreciated.

Scab: Thank you for including me dude! Means a lot.


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