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Spacing out by creating art that literally unwinds. MsPrint gives us an insight into her daily routine and unique drawings.

Saif: Let's start by telling us a little about you? Nothing personal. Maybe an overview of what your IG is about or dedicated to?

MsPrint: My page is mostly just me messing around with art. More specifically graffiti, but I’m always open to all types of art. I’m definitely not a professional or anything but I’m learning.

Saif: I know we have talked about this before, but how weird is it that we both do a similar type of art? Like the squiggly lines? Or what do you call them?

MsPrint: Lol yeah, I mostly just call them little squiggles. And I think it’s cool! Although I like to think of my squiggles as my individual design, it’s not like I own it or anything so I think it’s kind of cool when I see people doing similar art.

Saif: I've always thought I was the only one, but I have seen one other person besides us that does it as well! I think we all do it for various reasons. For example, I mostly do it when I need to unravel and release all the thoughts on my mind. Do you do that as well?

MsPrint: Yeah for sure! Sometimes if I have to make a lot of stickers for a trade, it kind of stresses me out just because It takes a while to do each sticker, but when I’m just chilling and drawing on my own time, I love to space out, play music really loud and mess around with bright colors and squiggle away! For the most part though, it’s definitely an escape for me.

Saif: Yes, true it is definitely a way to escape or unwind/unravel - which is what the squiggles are doing in way… Unraveling. So how did you get into graffiti/art?

MsPrint: I don’t exactly remember when I first started getting into it but I’ve always loved wondering around the city and finding pieces or tags and over time of seeing the same people or crews around, it’s almost like finding a hidden world. I liked that any ordinary person would just see it as another tag but if you looked closely, its people leaving their mark on the city. I guess that doesn’t fully answer your question. For me personally doing graffiti, I started by doing stickers (mostly cuz it’s the easiest/safest) and I already loved doing those squiggles so I figured that could start off as my signature thing

Saif: Yea that's def true. I see Stickers pretty much the same as tags - people leaving their mark or leaving a message/opinion etc. such a deep world to dive into and get involved in. Have you ever thought about venturing out and starting to do the lines onto bigger mediums? Like canvas and walls?

MsPrint: Yeah for sure! I’ve drawn on a couple of walls at parks or bathroom mirrors and I’m definitely starting to draw more on canvas or blocks of wood.

Saif: Nice! I hope one day I’ll walk into a bathroom and see your art. It would be a thing to see out in the wild. What medium/surface do you prefer?

MsPrint: I honestly don’t really have a favorite but it’s really fun drawing on big blocks of wood or cardboard boxes. Also, stickers of course are always fun. And only recently I’ve really started getting into spraying.

Saif: Good stuff. Have you experimented with different patterns or thicker lines?

MsPrint: Not so much thicker lines but I love using the thinnest pen I can find so I can make really trippy drawings. And for patterns, not really. I have a pattern with triangles I do for fun sometimes but not really for graffiti or anything.

Saif: What are your art goals?

MsPrint: For artists to recognize me and respect me for my art. And as a personal goal, I just want to constantly be improving my art. I want to get better at letters and spraying. I definitely want to get to a point where I’m confident enough to be putting up pieces around the city.

Saif: You're from Chicago, right? How is the art/graffiti scene out there?

MsPrint: Yeah, I mean out in the city. And the graffiti here is pretty cool! There’s a lot of murals in certain neighborhoods too.

Saif: What artists/art do you find yourself looking at or looking up on a daily basis?

MsPrint: I love that question! I think Bleh Buddha, gnarly, Keith herring, Basquiat, zeb, and honestly there’s way more that I love but those are some of my favorites. I guess you could say I kind of like a mix of pop art, really weird alt art and graffiti.

Oh, also one that I forgot to mention is Frank Ceas. They got really cool art too. Ah and Lady K!! Sorry I keep thinking of artists I look up to!

Saif: I’ll have to look into those as well! Well is there any information you'd like to give out for people to check out?

MsPrint: I’d say I just want people to know the art on my page isn’t all of my best art. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and be a better artist but that doesn’t always show on social media.

Saif: I’m sure people who check out your page will see your process and appreciate it! Thank you again for taking a part of this. I greatly appreciate it.

MsPrint: Thank you so much!! I appreciate you having me be a part of this!


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