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When Jesse Mesick is not working on his fictional character Irwin J. Pudding - A cult leader who is running for mayor of your state of mind - He is trading as many stickers as possible via DM.

jesse mesick

Saif: Hey what up. So, I was going to come up with a bunch of questions and go by that, but I figured we can just make it like a conversation? I'll shoot a question and we'll go back and forth. Sound cool?

Jesse: Works for me.

Saif: For sure! Well then let's start by you telling just a little about you?

Jesse: I’m Jesse I’m 26 years old I hail from upstate New York and I’ve been making stickers for 3 years now.

Saif: Nice! I have a few friends that live in and have gone to School in NY. Been there your whole life? And how did you get into Stickers?

Jesse: Other than the time I spent in the Navy I’ve lived my entire life in New York. When I was in high school, I got in to the skateboarding and hardcore music scenes and I would take any stickers I could get my hands on.

Saif: That’s great. You ever thought about leaving NY? That's awesome, when did you get the idea of making your own stickers? In addition to skate and hardcore scene. Where else do you get inspo from?

Jesse: I’m in New York for good I got pretty deep roots now. I’ve always wanted to make stickers, but I didn’t have the money to make them until I found the website Printrunner - which is very affordable compared to the other sites. For most of my stickers I pull inspiration from inside jokes or odd things I find important from my past.

Saif: I've never been to the east coast and NY is one place that I would love to live in for a few months at least. You think I should? Hell-yeah Printrunner is the best. StickerApp is not bad either. Inspo is always good. What are top inspo for you? Like does it come from things you see? Your values?

Jesse: Where I live in New York is far from big city living, but if you get the chance to live in the city take it in a heartbeat its really cool. When it comes to inspiration, I try hit the staples of tag style stickers, such as:

  • Joke stickers
  • A mascot
  • A message
  • A home town sticker

And I’m currently working on a political satire one, but the overall theme for the all is that they all have personal meaning to me in one way or another

Saif: Def need to hit up NY - when it's safe anyways. That’s cool. What is the political one about?

Jesse: I created a fictional politician named Irwin J Pudding who is actually a cult leader and he’s running for the mayor of your state of mind. He is a parody of real lives politician’s cult of personality and how people blindly follow them. So, I’m making a generic campaign sticker saying pudding for mayor

Saif: Oh nice, very interesting. How did you come up with this?

Jesse: When I was a kid me and my cousin vandalized a poster of a guy running for mayor of my city like blacking out teeth and nose buggers stuff like that then we crossed out his name and replaced it with the word pudding because we were kids and thought it was funny. Fast forward like 20 years the same cousin created a a performance art personality named Charles in the Kush who is a veteran with PTSD finding peace though hippie culture so I joined his universe by making my own fictional personality thus Irwin J. Pudding was born.

Saif: Ha nice that's awesome! How did you get involved into trading? You know I once wanted to make a sticker also that revolved around "celes for mayor" but it never materialized - maybe one day soon

Jesse: I originally started making stickers to give them away to people on drugs at hippie music festivals and I would collect what I could get my hands on in that scene, but one day I stumbled upon Bomits website and found out that there was an entire community of sticker artists out there and slaphq told me to just message artists on Instagram so here I am now.

Saif: What's the website for bomit? Yea there is - stickers are everywhere. You know - interesting enough I have never seen anyone put up a sticker you know? Have you ever stumbled upon someone slapping a sticker?

Jesse: they sell sticker supplies, mixed packs and do a monthly subscription. I’ve never seen someone sticker something but I do now notice local artists work all over the place

Saif: Def will check it out, thanks. What does the future hold for you? Art wise etc.

Jesse: My next endeavor is screen printing I want to make punk style cloth patches I just needed get off my ass and get the equipment.

Saif: Nice, screen printing is great. I've done it for a few years now and so much you can do with it. Equipment does help but there are cheaper ways of doing it as well in terms of DIY. Do you have an online shop people can check out?

Jesse: As of right now I do not have a store this is what I do for enjoyment I prefer trade or just to give them away.

Saif: For sure! Anything you would like to say? Or shout out? Or any other info you want people to know about you?

Jesse: Yea that I’m always up for a trade I’m just a DM away

Saif: Will def let people know! I appreciate your time.Thank you again for being part of this.

Jesse: No problem it was kind of nice.


Check out Jesse's Instagram: @relative_sanity

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