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DumpaTrump has found its own way of dealing with our current president, stickers. Slapping and shipping them all over the USA to get one message across - Get Trump out of the white house.

dumpa trump sticker

Saif: I was going to come up with a bunch of questions and go by that, but I figured we can just make it like a conversation? I'll shoot a question and we'll go back and forth. Sound cool? If you're still interested…
DumpaTrump: Heck ya, sounds good
Saif: For sure! Well then let’s start - Can you tell us a little about you? Nothing personal. An overview of what your IG is about?
DumpaTrump: Our account is the culmination of two people working to give others a voice in their streets which our nation desperately needs to see and hear. Through community, donations, and sales, we aim to continue providing positive participatory punchy fun for those who share similar ideas. We are open to, and currently collaborating with other artists as well as developing new sticker ideas. Stay tuned.
Saif: Right on that’s awesome love it. How did dumpatrump come about? Was this where it all stems from or did it start another way?
DumpaTrump: To answer your above question, DumpaTrump came about from two cousins on a road trip discussing our shit president and what we as humble civilians can do about it. Many hours of windshield time, a heap of jokes, a few joints, and an artist and an entrepreneur melting ideas together resulted in the creation of DumpaTrump.
Saif: Nice! I had a similar notion about the “trump bullet” sticker I made - one thing I can do is express what I feel somehow and spread the word on how to get rid of trump 😅 our design is more graphic, but still - a way to express it. What do you think the future looks like for this country is Trump is re-elected? And what feedback have you received from the Stickers?
DumpaTrump: Sounds like a cool image. definitely a healthy way of getting it out. Our stickers have been crushing it, people love giving them to family and friends, others enjoy slapping them up in fun places, some love just watching the spectacle and letting others do the posting. Our community is strong. We all have the same goal in mind, dump trump. If that doesn't happen, we feel America is already showing signs of violent disagreement, and we fear our citizens may become even more dichotomous while our President continues to show incompetence with regard to Covid, and continues to unleash self-serving corruption, greed, and treason on our Nation. We are in the middle of our History, lets write it.

dumpa trump

Saif: Def. Well said. You mentioned earlier your road trip discussions, jokes etc. Did any other names come up that could have been used instead of dumpa trump? Or are you looking to incorporate any others?
DumpaTrump: Can't remember the exact jokes or names we entertained - we knew DumpTrump in all its forms would already be taken as a social media and website platform so we played on it. We also toyed around with different facets of the name and a few ideas evolved from there, which if given time may or may not be incorporated fully. Sort of flying by the seat of our pants here by trying to help raise public awareness and give people voices in a fun and productive manner.
Saif: Do you want to expand on the Stickers? Into clothing or anything else? And if trump does not get re-elected will your campaign continue?
DumpaTrump: In response, we have had interest by Marta Goldshmield with #badgirlsofdenim contact us about hats, tees and pants, currently working out those details. If a clothing shop is particularly stoked on working with us, we love collaborating. Our plan is for Trump to lose, when that happens, we continue exploring the sticker world, working on different ideas, images, slogans etc. some of which should be out before Trump is out. Hopefully we're still in the sticker game and more after the country is free of the potus disaster. Love the community of artists we've interacted with and hope to continue the fun.
Saif: I think that's a perfect way to end this interview. I do hope (probably is already) helping Trump get out of office. Your future looks bright and I do look forward to seeing more of what you guys come out with! Thank you for taking part of this interview. It is greatly appreciated.
DumpaTrump: You're very welcome. Happy to share, thank you for your interest.


If you want to know more and even request free stickers check out DumpaTrump Instagram and website:



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